Otter Rock Glass WorksBeautiful, jewel-like, sparkling, opalescent... all and more can be used to describe Dichroic Glass. A high tech spin off of the space industry, brought to you by NASA, Dichroic is defined as "having more than one color". Here at the studio, we try to include a little (or more!) Dichroic glass in everything we make. From our earrings, tiles, mirrors, candle holders, wine bottle 'cheeseplates', platters and more, to our drawer knobs and pulls and many assorted special order items, the flash and beauty of Dichro will amaze and delight you and your customers!

We at Otter Rock Glass Works are seeking distributors for our Dichroic Glass products. Please contact us for more info. and qty. price breaks. And thanks for taking the time to visit us!


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